Content Advantage

No Residuals

With advanced technology and selected materials make our products value remains almost no residuals.

100% Original

Made from coconut shells of coconut products processing, 100% guarantee of natural.

Premium Quality

Strenght/hardness, No crack, Odorless, Smokeless, No Iritation


Product Premium Gold Edition
Suitable for Middle East market
100% coconut
Ash Content : ≤ 2,2%
Flame Duration : ≥ 90 minutes
Ash Colour : Grey White
Flame : Bright
100% coconut
Ash Content : 2,5%
Flame Duration : ≥ 90 minutes
Ash Colour : White
Flame : Bright



High Quality Coconut Shell Briquettes with Eco Friendly standardization make Cocarbo products widely used in various countries. With the support of our team that has over a dozen years of experience in this industry and more than 30 years of experience in briquette production machines, we always provide the best for our customers. Cocarbo Premium Quality Coconut Shell Briquettes are produced in our extensive factory in the Bantar Gebang area of Bekasi, West Java and are supported by modern machines that produce high-precision quality and size. With a factory location that can reach the port, Cocarbo can serve requests on time.



Become a Leading Coconut Shell Briquette Manufacturer that presents Indonesian flavors at the global level and presents high-quality production machines.

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Factory : Padurenan, Bantar Gebang, Bekasi

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